Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Sunday in Bolehland

Today is Sunday.
Sunday in Malaysia, for us, occasionally is a boring day..

We have no place to go..
Beaches is crowded..if it is not crowded, it is damn hot, if it is not hot, it is always dirty..
Our park is is always dirty, poorly maintained, with youngsters and  tua bangka sometimes without hesitation showing their lust to the public..albeit this country is so called islamic country.

So, people opt to go to hypermarket as the signboard said..
It is cold, people tend to walk lazily adding extra calories with their visit to their favourite diners..
But hey, this favourite places during the weekend also bring unnecessary stress.
Stress to find parking places, stress while queuing when some moron cut the line, stress when the cashier attend to us with their sour face...stress when u have to go to the dirty & disgusting loo...

This is Bolehland  :)


  1. Shopping mall memang tempat pilihan. Penat2 jalan lapar leh singgah makan..jalan lagi dahaga pulak leh singgah minum. Mana lagi nak cari tempat macam tu....kih3

  2. Betullah...memang selalu weekend masa yang ada kat shopping mall..Kalau rasa takde apa2 nak dibeli memang dok rumah jelah. Kadang2 je akan ke padang atau park..

  3. that's why it is better to just lepak at home..

  4. We can do anything in Bolehland......

    Happy new year Doc & Fiza & Ziyyad & yeyen...

  5. huhu setuju dgn point point tersebut.


  6. saya prefer duduk kat rumah je. kalau nak beli barang, pegi pagi2 hari Sabtu (hari tanpa plastik beg kurang sikit org belanja). paling tak suka pegi jusco sebab besar sgt, penat.

  7. Me lepaking on my bed of glory.naked also no sorry my english is so not powderful.thank you come again.

  8. Hi Daddy Ziyyad, interesting post...looks like very stressful mana pergi, ha ha....
    Why not take up fishing, whole family pun boleh to out of town fishing places or laut...
    I guess the cashiers too feeling the stress when seeing people with stress, infectious, ha ha.
    Anyway, you stay easy....
    Here's wishing you and fmily a very happy new year.
    Best regards.
    ps, I can imagine going to the loo, holding the nose.

  9. untung sikit aku bukan kaki tak boleh lekat kat rumah..hehehe..

  10. den jarang berjalan hari Sunday, biasa jalan weekday jer...:)

  11. jom ajor saya amek gambo ... sambil makan kek mommy ZZ buat hehe... tetibe...

  12. Lepak kek ghumah jerk leeeeeeeeeeeeee............

  13. saya dah bertahun tak shopping barang dapur kat hypermarket.. saya beli kat 99 speedmart.. harga barang kat situ lagi murah dari C, T dan G..

  14. zaman stress! ..buat ape pun tak kena..hihi...

  15. nak masuk tahun baru ni..semua stress, semua xde mood..hahahaha

  16. hehehe... lepak rumah saja... tgk kartun..

  17. Tido je sambil peluk bantak busyukkk...

    Nikmat boleh dok rumah seminggu sekali weyyy...

  18. tido kat rumah best! hahaha.. sesekali kami pegi kat park pagi pagi buta sbb time tu paling sikit umat..


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