Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Perfect Week

I guess this week is a perfect week for Man United.Horreyyyy..
Both the current top of the league rivals were beaten yesterday.
Chelsea without their ace midfielder Lampard and influential Terry succumbed to a goal from Lee Bowyer.

Arsenal fate was even worse. After a steady 2-nil lead in the 1st half, they wasted the opportunity to rise to the top of the league. 3 goals in 2nd half , including a Rafael Van der Vaart penalty brought a lot of joy to the Spurs fan who came to the Emirates. I felt sorry, Professor. :)

My team,without the regular 1st eleven( I mean without the likes of Rooney,Berbatov, Giggsy & Scholes), won 2-0 against a much weakened Wigan, which saw 2 of their players sent off in the 2nd half. Evra celebrated his first goal since April 2007. The second goal from Hernandez sealed the win. Welcome back Rooney, who brought in at 56 min replacing Macheda.

Man U are now level with Chelsea with a goal different. Man U belum kalah tauuuuu...:)


  1. x boleh..chelsea, sila naikkan lagi mata anda kedepan..:P

  2. Liverpool pun menang jugak.

  3. Zie--penyokong chelsea yerrr? :)

    dr zul --yuppp....liverpool pun menang...kesian gerrad injured pasal main utk england


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